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Australia Aerial View


Australia is the world’s smallest continent and the sixth largest country. It is often referred to as the “island continent” because of its isolated location. Australia is a highly developed nation and one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Economically too, Australia stands its ground with a relatively high GDP and low poverty rate. In fact, it is the twelfth largest economy in world and ranks high in terms of average wealth.


Why Study in Australia

Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, behind the United States and the UK. Many international students choose to study there because of the cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education. Schools and employers all over the world recognize degrees from Australian schools. Graduates from Australian schools are highly sought after due to the impressive international reputation of the Australian education system. This system is carefully regulated by the Australian government in order to maintain the high standards of education associated with the country.


Australia is internationally known for its high quality education as well as research excellence. Because the governments keeps a tight control on the working of both the universities and vocational institutes, a high standard of education delivery is able to be maintained. The government also ensures code of conduct to be followed in educational institutions that is conducive to international students and their parents who send them overseas. Australia provides a friendly, culturally rich, sophisticates as well as being a safe environment to study in Australia.



Connections that could make you a millionaire

There are ton of study abroad scholarship option

Post Qualification work & settlement options

Opportunities to explore job & PR prospects

Many service and support for international students

Variety of specialist institutions  

Options for married students to take their spouses with full time work rights


  • International students enrolled in a tertiary program  of study are eligible to work up to 40 hours fortnightly during the academic year

  • Students can work full time in Australia during the Semester breaks.

  • Students dependent can work full time during the visa period (Master by course work or higher).

  • Students work limitation applies for undergraduate courses.


  • International Students who successfully completed Bachelor or master Degree course with duration of 2 years or more are eligible for a Post study work visa of  2 to 4 years. 

  • Doctoral Degree with duration of 2 years or more are eligible for a Post study work visa of 4 years and above.

  • During this period students are eligible to work unlimited hours or study.

  • Eligible students can apply for a job or Permanent Residency after the completion of the course.  

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