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 RH study abroad guides you to you not only to your dream destination but also to the field of study you are passionate in. We truly understand your interests, based on which we recommend you courses thay we know you will excel in.

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience for students. From enhancing your global network to experiencing a new culture, the benefits to your education and career are significant.

Given this, it’s no wonder that the number of students earning a degree outside of their home country has tripled over the past decade.

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  • What is the cost of abroad studies?
    Cost depends on country. Normally it starts from 2.5 lakhs
  • Can I work while studying and time limit of part time work?
    Yes, you can. legally allowed time limit is 20 hrs. per week in general. But on holidays you can work 40 hrs. But there is no time limit in some countries.
  • Which is the best country for masters?
    Each country has its own specialties and opportunities.
  • What are the entry requirements?
    For doing masters you have to have a bachelor degree from any recognized university
  • How can I get my scholarship?
    The scholarship is completely depending upon your marks. But some universities provide scholarship for all students who apply.
  • How long does study abroad program take?
    There are programs from one year to 4 years.
  • How many years stay back do a country generally provide?
    Generally, stay back period starts from 6 months to 4 years.
  • What are the English requirements?
    Either you have to take IELTS, DULINGO, TOEFL, PTE or you should have at least 65% marks in English for plus two. However for some countries don’t need English requirements.
  • Can my spouse accompany me?
    Yes. Your spouse can accompany you.
  • Is there any age limit for studying abroad?
    No. There is no age limit for eligible students.
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